About Us

Furnace Repair CharlotteFSP is a family owned and operated local business, formed with the dream of making FSP Heating and Cooling a household name. Not through cheesy advertising jingles, but with our commitment to quality work, customer service and low prices. Here at FSP, we aren’t trying to be millionaires. We just want to give you a fair price for an honest job. 

We are a small company organized out of disgust for the way the average consumer is taken advantage of by many service driven companies. In many situations FSP Property Management can repair minor to moderate issues. However, when calling an outside contractor is necessary, we act as your agent providing a buffer between you and the contractor. Providing an experienced representative onsite to make sure your interests and investments are protected at all times. We meet with the contractors, we take the phone calls, and we get the headaches.

When you work directly with a contractor without having direct experience in the specific field, you leave yourself vulnerable to overpricing and unneeded “up selling”. In any industry today, regardless of whether employees are paid by salary, hourly, or by commission, the way to advance and receive more wages is to sell more and use less. This fact basically guarantees you will fall victim to lower grade materials being used or even unnecessary repairs.

Our door is always open. Contact us any time, even if you just have some questions about your furnace or air conditioner. We’ll be here to take care of you.

We have approximately 20 years of experience in the service and construction industry, with projects under our belt from all trades and areas of management fields.

Real working experience in:


• Plumbing

• Electrical

• Painting

• Drywall

• Roofing

• Framing

• Security System Installation

• Home Theater Equipment

• Many more…