The Lowest Price: Guaranteed

At FSP, we know the value of a dollar, and we know the value of your time. With all you’ve got on your plate, you don’t have time to call around looking for the best deal when you need to fix your furnace or air conditioner. When you call FSP, you can be sure you’re getting top notch service, at the best price in town. We’re constantly striving to build the most professional and efficient heating and cooling business. By cutting out the annoying ads and radio jingles, we’re able to offer you the lowest price on your furnace and air conditioning repair. GUARANTEED! Show us a lower price (if you can find one), and we’ll beat it. *

Honest and Up-front Pricing

Did you know that in the heating and cooling industry, many businesses charge the same price for parts, regardless of the brand or actual cost to contractor? At FSP, our prices are open and transparent, so we offer this True Value Guarantee: We promise that our prices will ALWAYS reflect the actual costs we pay. Try to get one of our competitors to agree to that!


* competitor’s price quote must be on an original invoice or quote to be considered valid.